Breathment gives the power of AI to the hands of health professionals

There is no technology that will ever fully replace health professionals. Therefore, we work closely with you to create your own training software and bring your therapy process to the digital world.

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How is Breathment different?

Communication is key for us. Our medical experts discuss with you to understand your therapy methods and needs. Considering your individual needs, our software developers implement the required exercises, which are powered by AI, for your individual exercise library. Breathment’s AI-based technology, combined with your expertise, enables your patients to perform their breathing and physical exercises in front of an electronic device (laptop, tablet, phone etc.) with a camera without your physical presence. During the exercise, it monitors the patients and gives instant feedback whether they are performing correctly or not. As a result, Breathment provides you a detailed analysis of their performance.

Step 1

your own interface and exercises with our AI-based technology.

Step 2

exercise programs for the individual needs of your patients including exercises from our library and the ones you designed.

Step 3

your patients without physical presence. Your patients will be performing their exercises from anywhere with our AI-Trainer.

Step 4

your patients’ exercise performance with the detailed analysis provided by the AI-Trainer.

Step 5

your patients’ exercise program based on their individual needs and performance.

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A web-based software that allows health professionals to combine their own training methods with Artificial Intelligence and provide their patients hybrid and digital training options.

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Pulmonary rehabilitation is an effective therapeutic intervention that improves exercise capacity, shortness of breath, and health-related quality of life of patients that are suffering from chronic respiratory diseases. However, it is not yet widely practiced as recommended in the relevant guidelines. There is a strong need for targeted, problem-oriented Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs with personalized content.

Stay tuned to find out how we digitize Pulmonary Rehabilitation under the control of health professionals for targeted, problem-oriented and personalized treatment options.


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