A web-based software that allows health professionals to combine their own training methods with Artificial Intelligence and provide their patients hybrid and digital training options.

Digitization should not be expensive

Innovative, interactive, intuitive. Separate interface for both health professional and patient, no hardware, no download, no initial costs.


Onboard & manage your patients, design tailored exercise programs, monitor your patients’ exercise performance & well-being, and optimize your therapy process continuously.


Onboard your patients

Use your customized onboarding form to onboard your patients.

Onboard patients
Exercise program

Create tailored exercise programs

Use the exercises on Breathment’s exercise library and the ones you designed, to create tailored exercise programs for your patients.

Exercise program

Monitor your patients’ exercise performance

When your patients perform their exercises, you can see the detailed analysis of their performance.

Performance results


Breathment’s AI-Trainer enables your patients to perform their breathing & physical exercises without your presence, using only a mobile device with a camera. AI-Trainer guides the patients on how to perform their exercise, while monitoring them at the same time. Through its AI-powered motion and breathing pattern tracking, it gives instant feedback to the patient whether they are performing the exercise correctly.


AI-Trainer is designed considering full privacy & security of the users. Therefore, based on its “privacy by design” architecture, it does not record or store any images or videos of the user.


Patient Dashboard

Planner for exercise programs and organizing tasks for your patients. They can keep track of their individual progress through their own dashboard.

Patient dashboard

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