Digital COPD Therapy

Experience the future of COPD care with our Digital COPD Therapy. From the comfort of your home, stay connected to your therapist for personalized treatment and support.


How it works?

Breathment's Digital COPD Therapy combines cutting-edge technology and human support. Patients begin with an online onboarding session led by a dedicated Breathment therapist, who customizes exercise programs. These programs are accessible through the Breathment Therapy App, which provides guidance via AI Trainer. The therapist continuously monitors progress, offers feedback, and makes remote adjustments.
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Therapy App

Breathment’s Therapy App has everything tailored to your needs. You can keep track of your individual treatment progress and symptoms, manage your disease and perform your exercises from the comfort of your home.
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Educational Content

Access comprehensive COPD courses within the app for a deeper understanding of your condition and effective self-care.
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AI Trainer

Breathment's AI Trainer uses AI-powered motion and breathing pattern tracking to ensure you perform your rehabilitation exercises correctly and with precision.
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The Personal Touch

Backed by years of professional experience, our dedicated team of physiotherapists is always available to offer you the highest level of support.

Continuous interaction with your physiotherapist

Our Health Professional interface allows our clinical team to conduct regular video therapy sessions, review your treatment feedback and progress, and tailor treatment plans.